Choosing the best anti virus for your needs may be a tough task, specially when you have so many options to choose from. On this page, we’ll become comparing two of the most popular brands out there, ESET and Norton, to find out which is better.

Consumer Experience & Interface

Both equally interfaces have a modern feel to them, but ESET’s is a bit more in-depth than Norton. It features a highly advanced ESET software graphic honestly, that is visible relating to the dashboard and improvements color to green, discolored or reddish when it detects threats.

Additionally, it comes with a pre-installed parental control suite that enables you to set up rules and restrictions to your children’s web based activity. These controls are incredibly easy to use and come with a beneficial step-by-step information pertaining to setting up them up.


Cost is a key attention for most people, since it usually performs a significant function to make a decision what is the best security carrier to go with. The examples below data ought to assist you to compare what type is cheaper:


Both ESET and Norton were able to conduct very well in the functionality test done by AV-Comparatives, a diagnostic tests body that rates the entire performance of anti-virus computer software. The performance scores were based on CPU and memory use, as well as storage and file scanning period.

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